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The A.S.A.I. "Bruno Bonomelli", non-profit-making Cultural Association, was set up in Brescia on the morning of May 1st 1994, later on this same day the Italian Champion title on 10 000m was awarded.
The initiative came from thirteen passionate lovers of Athletics, known today as the "Founding Members". Its main goal (article 7 of the association status) is "to promote and encourage the research and the gathering of any kind of news, results, data and material (competitions' programs, posters, pictures, etc...) inherent to the history of Italian Athletics, to eventually publish the collected material and allow its diffusion in the most appropriated ways in order to let it at the disposal of those concerned".
Until March 8th 1998, the A.S.A.I President was Roberto L.Quercetani, his successor, Ottavio Castellini, heads the Board of Directors until 2004.
With the change of Status approved by the Assembly of March 14th 1999, the A.S.A.I is prone to a few new norms such as: absence of profits' distribution to the members, obligation of liquidation in favour of similar associations or charitable organisations in case of dissolution, active or passive right of vote equality for all the members without distinction, etc.
In the meantime, the number of members rose to 125 and, with the new Status, they obtained the right of vote and the eligibility for the associative functions.
So far the A.S.A.I published about 10 books dedicated to several aspects and moments of the modern Italian Athletics (but not only).