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Bruno Bonomelli, born in Brescia October 28th 1910, was an extraordinary and eclectic figure of the Italian athletics of which he shouldered each role.

He started as an athlete: he was essentially a middle-distance runner, but his name appeared also in the report of the 1946 Italian Championships decathlon. This made in part understandable his passion for all the events, even if he kept a certain predilection for middle-distance and especially for cross country races.

Once finished his athletic career, he became technician, executive director, journalist, researcher, historian and statistician. But always "free", in perpetual conflict and opposition with the Italian federal structure, against the managers and the technical sector of the F.I.D.A.L that he strongly fought through memorable polemics on the newspapers' headlines he used to write.

Graduated in economy and management, from 1951 he joined the journalist Association, meanwhile, as a technical director, he steered a lot of young people from Brescia's region towards athletics. In 1950, he was a founding member of the A.T.F.S - Association of Track and Field Statisticians - and, during the 60's, he's been also a founding member of the A.I.S.A.L, an A.S.A.I ancestor that experienced a short-lasting life.

Professionally, he collaborated to "Sport Italia" then, for 28 years, to "L'Unità" where he was in charge of the athletics column.

At the same time, he worked hard on the research of the athletics' roots trying to study deeper its statistical aspects. However, he didn't limit his work to an accumulation of simple lists of results, he also analysed it from all the points of view, putting statistics to good use in order to identify exactly the scope of each event compared with the previous years. He worked not just as a simple compiler but as an accurate researcher who tried to extract reasons of interest and discussions from the lists with a view to a better future development.

Then, he moved on to the study of the historical aspects of athletics. But he never succeeded in finishing a complete history of the Italian athletics even though he could have easily written it. His mania for perfectionism prevented him from achieving it, he spent his all life filling up the never-ending "black holes" of this dense and fascinating history.

As an author, he published the following writings:

  • Liste dei 100 migliori atleti italiani di tutti i tempi a fine 1948;

  • Liste maschili italiane (fino al 100°) e mondiali (fino al 10°) riferite all'anno 1950;

  • Liste dei 100 migliori atleti italiani nel 1951;

  • Liste maschili italiane (fino al 100°) e mondiali (fino al 10°) riferite all'anno 1952;

  • Liste dei 100 migliori atleti italiani nel 1953 e nel 1954;

  • "Cinquant'anni di atletica in Italia" (1953);

  • Liste maschili italiane (fino al 100°) e mondiali (fino al 10°), e cronologia dei primati italiani e mondiali a fine 1955;

  • Liste maschili italiane (fino al 100°) e mondiali (fino al 10°) riferite all'anno 1956;

  • "A sessant'anni dal primo campionato italiano pedestre" (1957);

  • "Corsa campestre scuola di campioni" (1966, insieme ad Enrico Arcelli);

  • "L'atletica bresciana maschile nel 1974" (con Ottavio Castellini);

  • "1907-1977: Settant'anni di corsa campestre a Brescia e nel bresciano" (1978, con Ottavio Castellini);

  • "Annnuario dell'atletica bresciana" (con Ottavio Castellini ed altri, edizioni dal 1975 al 1980).

Bruno Bonomelli passed away in Brescia on March 16th 1993.



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